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Not so long ago someone I know very well and have known my whole life approached me and asked for my help. They asked if I could advise them on an idea they had. So, of course I said yes. In fact I made a point of saying I would be more than willing to help.

So they told me their idea (I won’t say what it is because it is currently a work in progress). We sat down and discussed it. At first the conversation was a little slow; they were shy, and hadn’t ever asked anyone for help like this before. Sharing an idea that was so close to them, that they hadn’t shared with anyone before was proving a little difficult. After a short while of talking I began to get a grasp of what they actually wanted to achieve.

When I said I was interested in helping any way I could, they were surprised. I then explained some of the options they had, both quick start and long term. A short while later, they asked a couple of questions. I responded, then it started to pick up. Ideas flying back and forth, doodling, Googling, laughter and excitement…we were like two school children in the playground, excited at everything the world could offer.

It was at this point I realised something. You could see the passion this person had with their idea. Now they had shared it with someone who liked the idea, they were fired up and ready to discuss it. The more we talked, the more we came up with a game plan, the more the passion grew…the stronger the idea became…I loved seeing this person, who I had known my whole life, light up with happiness that something they had come up with was starting to evolve into more than an idea.

Nothing is more powerful than seeing someone with passion in an idea try to make it succeed…so why not help them

After a few hours of talking we had a strong idea. We were both fired up and ready to start this project, and hopefully we can make something of it in the next couple of years. Hopefully that drive and excitement will turn into more.

It was after that conversation that it suddenly occurred to me. What made that idea so strong, was that we had been so close for so long. We knew each other well, knew what the other was capable of, knew what the other thought. The idea grew strong because of the faith and confidence in each other as well as the idea itself.


Every day we read magazines, watch the news. In some way or another we take in information from somewhere, and often about celebrities. About our favourite films stars. Our favourite musicians. Our favourite sports hero. We read up on them, we learn about them. We pay to go see the games, films, gigs, plays and so on that they are in. So support their careers because we feel good about what they do, or we enjoy what they offer.

Now what if we supported those closest to us. What if we helped raise money for projects that our friends are working on. What if we took time out of our day to show passion for a project that our family is excited about. What if we enabled the people we care about more than anyone to achieve their goals in the same way we do for the celebrities we only know through the media.

Use the tools out there, crowd funding, online course and so on. Do what you can to help them and I hope you get to see the same passion in your friends eyes that I saw.

Never forget the passion and enjoyment that idea gave you!